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All About Website County:
 Welcome to Website County @ Your Data Center!

My name is Al Thiel, the owner. I am best described as an Internet Pioneer. When something new comes out chances are I have already used it, helped design it or have debugged it in some way. I have been developing Internet framework applications for nearly 20 years. I also have an extensive sales background.

Over the years many companies in New York City and throughout Long Island have to come to trust me for their networking and security needs. My name is well known and respected by the engineers and technical staff of companies like Verizon, AT&T, Qwest, Sprint, Cablevision, Covad, Keyspan, TELX, XO, Focal/Broadwing, IBM, Cisco, Checkpoint, Netopia, BroadXent, SonicWall and many more. I have worked closely with all of them, together building a strong backbone to support all the traffic on the Internet now and well into the future.

You Came Here for a Good Reason:

 Your website should be more than just a page on the Internet! It should be a gateway to your products and services that not only represents you, but also builds trust in your name, develops new business relationships, and most importantly, makes you money. Until now it has probably only cost you money!

The difference is clear! Website County is truly dedicated to you. We will help you build that online image, working together as a powerful networked team of industry experts. You'll achieve and also continue with your success here without paying an arm and a leg. It is time to let go of that totally uncaring SEO firm that is sucking you dry. You can look forward to a bright new beginning with us.

At Website County you will have safer email with full host-based virus, spam and phishing protection so your network remains secure and operating at it's best. You'll get complete top-level domain registration serivces and top-quality website hosting to boot. We will work with you, provide good advise and give you totally free tools to tune-up your website online. It's our gift to help you succeed!

If you need a big change, and you are not the hands-on type when it comes to the Internet, Website County can completely redesign your website, providing a fresh new bold look. We'll work hard for you and create an eye-catching, search engine friendly and content-rich website that is fully interactive.

An interactive website will keep your customers coming back. We'll give visitors ways to interact, join mailing lists and more. All of these things build on your name. The more frequently a person sees your company name, the more they trust in it and use it! Sometimes a brand name is used in simple conversation. Have you heard the words "Pass me a Kleenex™ please" ??

In sales the magic number is three. Seeing a name three times causes you to remember it long-term. We'll achieve that on the first visit to your website and burn your name into their brains forever! Best of all, we'll do it affordably!

All top-level domain names are available directly from Website County at low prices to save you from those abusive start-up costs! Nothing is outsourced.

Website County's courteous sales team and knowledgable support staff will make sure your Internet hosting experience is as good as it gets! I personally guarantee it!

You can have it all with Website County and Your Data Center™

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Nassau County New York - Computer Service & More..
Call (516) 256-DATA - (516) 593-DATA - (516) 595-DATA

516.256.3282 (Valley Stream, NY) - 516.593.3282 (Lynbrook, NY) - 516.595.DATA (Woodbury, NY)
Toll-Free: (800) 651-YDCI ~ Queens, NY (718) 487-YDCI
800.651.9324 (USA/Canada) ~ 718.487.9324 (Queens, NY)

Store/Office: 286 Broadway, Lynbrook, NY 11563: (516) 593-DATA
New York City, NY: 212.203.8964
New York City, NY: 646.434.1600
Franklin Square, NY: 516.253.4700
Forest Hills, NY: 347.354.2300
Garden City, NY: 516.203.7006
Great Neck, NY: 516.570.3000
Hewlett, NY: 516.758.0200
Howard Beach, NY: 718.487.YDCI
Long Beach, NY: 516.665.0120
Lynbrook, NY: 516.593.DATA
Roslyn, NY: 516.299.6500
Valley Stream, NY: 516.256.DATA
Woodmere, NY: 516.758.0600
Woodbury, NY: 516.595.DATA
Babylon, NY: 631.792.6700
Brentwood, NY: 631.215.3400
East Hampton, NY: 631.557.2000
Huntington, NY: 631.479.3345
Laurel, NY: 631.315.2300
Jersey City, NJ: 201.716.1903
Stamford, CT: 203.653.3968
London, England: 020.3129.2119
Johannesburg, ZA: 010 500 4117
Stockholm, Sweden: 8 446 83 910
The Netherlands: 085 888 3132
Sydney, Australia: 02.8417.BEST (2378)
International iNum: 883510009047956
Toll-Free US/CA: 800-651-YDCI
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